Healing the energy systems of the body

Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki and Spiritual Healing are gentle yet very powerful and deep forms of energy healing which can help release painful emotions, ease physical pain, release anxiety and stress, calm the nervous system, help with all kinds of illness and ultimately bring life back into balance.

How does Energy healing work?

Energy healing involves a high vibrational energy which is transferred via the therapist to the client in order to balance the energy systems of the body. This is transferred in a similar way in which radio waves transfer a signal to your radio! In our daily lives we experience different levels of stress and many challenging emotions, these can upset the subtle balance of our bodily energy systems which over time can lead to a host of physical and emotional symptoms.

The pure energy that is transferred to the client automatically goes to the areas where it is needed most. This helps to move out old stagnant energy enabling it to flow freely again - a bit like clearing away dust and clutter when you spring clean! When energy is able to flow freely, deep inner calm is created and this in turn allows for much deeper physical and emotional healing to take place in the days and weeks after the treatment.


How is Angelic Reiki different from other forms of Reiki and Energy healing?

Angelic Reiki is really special! It differs from traditional Reiki and energy healing systems as the practitioner works with many assigned healing Angels to give the highest vibrational energy available, so the healing is incredibly pure. Energy of the Angelic Kingdom is passed to the client and Angels guide the energy to the appropriate areas. Their energy deals with the root cause of the problem allowing the body to heal itself on all levels, across all of time and space.

I offer Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki and Spiritual Healing they are all non-denominational, it is not a religious practice and it does not prejudice or have any religious preferences - and you do not need to believe in Angels or have any affinity with Angels to benefit from their healing energy, they want to help!


What does a session involve?

A session is lasts 1 hour allowing time to discuss the reasons you have come for healing and a period to relax and share experiences afterwards.

Whilst you lay on the therapy couch and relax the Energy is transferred to you through my hands which I place above your body. There does not need to be physical contact if you prefer this. Each individual will have different needs, so I will move my hands to different areas above your body to direct the energy where it is needed. During the session gentle music is played and aromatherapy oils may be used if you are not sensitive to them. If appropriate Chakra balancing crystals may also be used to aid the healing and at the first session a crystal charged with Angelic Energy is yours to take home to aid the healing process. All in all it is a truly relaxing experience.


What will I experience?

Everybody's experience is different. Some clients fall into a state of pure relaxation, some see colours with their eyes open or shut; experience tingling, heat or cold; some may experience a release of emotions. Some do not feel or see anything during the session - this is perfectly normal, the energy goes where it needs to and afterwards most feel uplifted and a sense of calm and inner peace. Some people will get realisations or a knowing that there is something that needs to be dealt with in their life. Sometimes an Angel Card Reading can help provide loving and accurate guidance.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends on the individual, a great sense of calm and release can be achieved with just one session, others may like to come every few weeks until an issue has resolution whereas some may feel they would like to return on a more regular basis as they experience the true benefits of the energy healing and can see how it helps their day to day lives. There is no prescription!


Why choose Angelic Reiki?

  • Completely safe and natural
  • Can be used alongside any other treatment regimes
  • A truly relaxing experience
  • Can aid in pain reduction or resolution
  • Accelerates overall healing
  • For calming the mind
  • For emotional healing and balance or the release of old emotional issues
  • To calm the mind and relax after an EFT/MR session
  • Spiritual aliveness or connection



Cost of treatment £60