Heal Yourself Naturally

The Natural Approach to the Health you deserve

As a complementary therapist my aim is to help you to heal your mind, body and soul naturally, to help you realise your own healing potential and ultimately to help you take steps to live the life you want to lead. The therapies I offer can help you overcome allergies, health concerns, anxiety, stress, depression, pain, fear, money worries, sporting challenges and so much more. All of the therapies are safe and natural and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine supporting any medication or advice given by your health professional.


Natural Allergy Therapy

Are allergies the cause of your symptoms?

Natural Allergy Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and pain free way to find out what you are allergic to, identify the root cause of the allergies and quickly resolve them with safe and natural desensitising remedies so your body can function normally and safely again.

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EFT/Matrix Reimprinting

Do you feel that your life needs to change on an emotional level?

Any negative emotional response can manifest into unhealthy life patterns affecting our ability to move forward successfully in life and can even result in illness, dis-ease (disease) and pain. EFT and Matrix reimprinting address the root of the emotions and gently and completely release them often with life changing results, profound physical healing, a sense of inner peace and all round well-being.

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Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

Would you like to experience powerful and deep healing whilst enjoying true relaxation?

Energy healing is a gentle, relaxing yet powerful healing method that guides the highest vibration of pure energy to exactly where it is needed in the body. This creates harmony, uplifting emotions and a sense of inner peace allowing the body, mind and spirit to gently and deeply heal.

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