Emotional Freedom Technique Group Workshops to be run in 2024

Learn how to 'Tap'

A 1.5hr workshop to show you the basics of EFT Tapping so you can start to use it at home to aid your day to day life, relieve everyday stresses, emotions, aches and pains!

Cost £20


Tapping for Pain

Initial 5 x 2hr workshops held over 5 weeks to start to uncover the root cause of pain, the sessions will cover:

  • How to tap!
  • Pain and symptom tapping
  • The beliefs you hold that may be preventing you from healing
  • Uncovering the emotional links to pain 1
  • Uncovering the emotional links to pain 2
  • Releasing subconscious reasons for holding onto pain and illness

Cost £30 per session, total of £150 for 5 sessions



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