About Me

How I became a complementary health therapist and where my passion came from!

I was lucky enough to be able to give up my (far too stressful, way beyond 9-5) career when my first child was born in 2005 and vowed that I was not going to go back to that way of life again!

All 3 of my children suffered allergies, I started to explore natural alternatives switching the bath Oilatum for bags of oatmeal and changing all the toiletries for natural alternatives. However, it was my youngest who suffered severe reflux, colic and bowel issues combined with the sleepless nights and lack of medical support that took me on a journey that I have not looked back on.

We discovered Natural Allergy Therapy and after successfully combating the children's allergies and illnesses in the face of an NHS that couldn't really help, I knew I wanted to help other people to find answers and safe treatment too using this amazing natural approach.

During my training I learned about the mind-body link and that in fact the body is capable of far more of its own healing that I could ever believe!

I started my Allergy Therapy business but found that so many of my clients had bigger issues affecting their lives and their health, whilst allergy therapy has amazing results there were some clients I wanted to be able to help further with other issues. EFT provided the very therapy that I could offer; helping to overcome the stress, anxiety (often the root causes of their allergies) pain, fear, phobias and many other symptoms with amazing speed. Matrix Reimprinting, a further development of EFT takes the emotional and physical healing to a deeper level so naturally I trained in this too!

Energy healing stated as part of my own personal spiritual journey, I stumbled across Angelic Reiki as if it was meant to be and instantly knew this was something I wanted to offer my patients - I felt a real connection to the Angelic energy and soon realised the potential this energy had for aiding in overall healing. Many patients choose Angelic Reiki after their EFT/Matrix session as it helps to calm the mind, restore balance and deeply relax the body but then continues to aid the healing process for the days and weeks that follow. I later trained in Usui Reiki and Spiritual healing.

My own life and that of my family has been transformed in so many ways by each of these therapies so I feel very blessed to now be able to practice doing what I am so passionate about - helping people to feel great again using these amazing therapies to stimulate self-healing which alone or combined have truly life transforming effects.

I am a fully qualified member of:

The British Institute of Allergy and Environmental therapy
The British Complementary Medicine Association
The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques
The Angelic Reiki Association

I am a qualified Allergy Therapist DipA.E.T; I am qualified to level 3 EFT I am a qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Healer and also trained in Spiritual Energy Healing.


Disclaimer: I make no promises, guarantees, representations and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment, and am neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.